Who Is Edward Cullen?

Edward Cullen’s official name is Edward Anthony Masen. He was born on 20th June, 1901, in Chicago in the State of Illinois. Edward is a psychic vampire that looks like someone using liquid lip gloss base and is among the founders of the Olympic coven. He is also the main actor in the Twilight Saga. To understand who is Edward Cullen, it is important to highlight his history. Edward is married to Bella Swan a human teenager who out of her own volition, opts to become a vampire. They have one child, Renesmee Cullen. Edward considers himself a monster which makes him wish he was a human after he falls in love with Bella.


Edward is adopted to Carlisle and Esme. His in-laws are Charlie Swan and Renee. Upon adoption, Edward was raised together with Cullen’s children; Emmett, Alice, Rosalie and Jasper Hale. Emmet was brought into Carlisle’s home by Rosalie fell in love with him after she found him close to death after a bear attack in 1935. Edward is polite, charming and very hard to impress. He gives first priority to Bella’s safety, welfare and humanity. Edward is very analytical and bound to overreact when Bella’s life is threatened. During the early 20th century, Edward regains part of his human speech which is then outdated.


In 1918, Edward’s parents contracted the Spanish Influenza. His father was the first to die during the first outbreak of the disease. His mother also got infected with the disease later on. Prior to her death, she pleaded with Dr Carlisle who was nursing her to do everything possible to prevent her son from becoming infected with the disease which consequently led to death. Acting on Edward mother’s plea, when Edward contracted the deadly disease and was on the point of death, Dr Carlisle took him to his home and converted him into a vampire. The two developed a very deep father-son relationship. Carlisle was the first to notice that Edward had telepathic capabilities since he could answer questions he (Carlisle) had but did not ask him to answer to them loudly.


Edward developed an interest in reading people’s minds after he turned into a vampire which further grew into a talent. Esme was transformed into a vampire in 1921 by Carlisle to avoid imminent death after she attempted to end her life. She gave Edward who was young at the time a motherly care.Edward was rebellious as a vampire which made him leave Carlisle’s home in 1927. When away alone, he used his psychic ability to punish people he deemed bad in the society by feeding on their flesh and blood. Esme’s ex-husband was the first to suffer Edward’s punishment.


He, however, regretted having left Carlisle’s home and in 1931 returned back. Rosalie was shallow-minded and full of pride which made her not to be on good terms with Edward.Cullen family encountered the Denali coven when they were residing in Alaska. The Denali coven was the only group in the city that fed on animal blood. Denali coven’s leader, Tanya was affectionate to Edward but he never showed interest in her.

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